Architectural Review Request

The goal of Architectural Review is to ensure the continuity and harmony of the community so that properties are maintained to hold the highest assessed value for all property owners.

Approval by the ARC does not in any way guarantee approvals by the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County or other such agencies. All such approvals or permitting are the responsibility of the homeowner applicant. Please be aware that underground utilities may run under your property and should be located by the homeowner prior to project commencement.

All changes from an approved request must be resubmitted for further review. If changes in design, color, style, location or height occur without proper approval, the homeowner will be in violation and subject to penalties and fines. Do not assume that all prior property modifications have been approved.

By submitting this request, the homeowner agrees to perform/contract the work described strictly in accordance with the plans and specifications described in this submission, upon approval.

It is recommended — but not required — that you notify your surrounding neighbors of your planned project.

Download a PDF of the Architectural Review Form

I understand that the Architectural Review Committee has up to 30 days from receipt of this request to review and inform you of the decision. I will not start this project without such approval, and if I do then legal action may be taken against me.