Make plans to attend National Night Out Aug. 2

Mark your calendars now and make plans to attend Browne’s Ferry’s annual National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 2.

In addition to a perennial favorite, FREE Rita’s Italian Ice, we will also unveil the new tennis court and screen a movie after dusk. CMPD community liaisons will be on hand to talk about any safety or crime concerns.

Homeowner survey results: enforce rules, boost security

As Browne’s Ferry transitioned to Cedar Property Management, welcome letters were sent to every homeowner along with a homeowner survey. Of 210 homes, 42 homes completed and returned the survey.

What do you consider to be the most pressing issue?

Ranked in order of frequency:

  • Security/safety/crime prevention
  • Home maintenance issues/enforcing covenants
  • Common area beautification and upkeep
  • Rental homes / renters not upholding covenants
  • Street parking
  • Lilley home

What concerns do you want the board to address?

Top responses included:

  • Street parking / parking outside driveway
  • Rental homes
  • Covenant enforcement, specifically boats and trash cans
  • Lilley home
  • Basic home maintenance

Prioritizing topics

An average of rankings resulted in the following prioritization:

  1. Maintaining low dues
  2. Safety/crime prevention
  3. Home maintenance
  4. Landscaping/entrance appeal/flowers
  5. Efficient communication methods
  6. Social activities/events
  7. Greenway access
  8. Quarry access/enhancement

CDOT to proceed with new speed hump installation

Molly Hall connected with CDOT’s Chip Gallup to follow up on the speed hump installation in front of 3635 Brownes Ferry Road. The purpose of the hump would be to slow traffic speed in both directions of the curve at the school bus stop. Because so much time has passed since the board approved and notified homeowners of the location, the board is resending notification to homeowners directly adjacent to the potential speed hump. Once that is complete, CDOT will add the hump installation to their schedule.

What’s up with those speed humps?

speedhumpBrowne’s Ferry Road’s rubber speed hump was destroyed in the January 2014 snow storm. A city snow plow hit the hump and destroyed most of it.

This summer the HOA Board contacted the city regarding its replacement. CDOT offered to replace the speed hump. Shortly before beginning the project, a homeowner requested a feasibility study be done into moving the speed hump’s location to the other side of the Brassy Creek intersection. Continue reading “What’s up with those speed humps?”