Have an idea for a grant?

Browne’s Ferry currently hold a $1,500 grant credit for attending a city-hosted workshop last year and it will expire this summer if we don’t use it.

What should we apply for? We’ve won a Keep Charlotte Beautiful grant to help fund the entrance renovation, and we’ve won grants for two years to fund tree banding. Other communities have won grants to install park benches, street name sign toppers, host first-time events, etc.

This link gives ideas for types of projects we can apply for funding. Here are the “rules,” according to the city:

  • Our community is eligible for up to $10,000.
  • We contribute volunteer hours (worth approximately $20 per hour per person) and the city matches that by footing the actual costs. The grant credit would be the equivalent of ~75 volunteer hours.
  • Our community isn’t eligible to apply for private property enhancements, or replacement of existing amenities.

The grant application is due March 1, so share your grant application ideas by mid-February. We’ll get board go-ahead and start researching the pieces needed for the application.

Share your ideas