2017 budget includes funding for several park projects

The 2017 budget approved at the Jan. 26 meeting includes several projects from the long-term maintenance and repair plan. Among the projects to be completed in 2017:

  • Playground mulch refill
  • Removal of dying trees and juniper on park entrance slope, then grading and seeding the area
  • Repair/reconnect see-saw base
  • New park trash receptacles

Repairing the gazebo trim and roof will be postponed until 2018. Do you have input on the long-term maintenance and repair plan for Browne’s Ferry? The Beautification Committee develops and maintains this list of projects. The Beautification Committee also runs Yard of the Month contests, fall and holiday decor contests and the Adopt-A-City-Street program. To join the Beautification Committee, contact Molly Hall.