Social Committee


This Charter serves to establish the existence of the Social Steering Committee and document the standards by which Committee shall operate. The Social Steering Committee is tasked with identifying the priority Social needs, establishing credibility within the community, and creating a sustainable resource strategy to make change. It is the goal of the Social Steering Committee to create a sustainable plan to manage the current social activities and any additional social activities for the future of Browne’s Ferry.

We have identified the following strategies as essential to Browne’s Ferry:

  • Determining priority social activity needs
  • Establishing your credibility and building a strong base of support for your efforts
  • Determining the best resource strategy for using internal and external resources
  • Maintaining your resilience and a positive attitude
  • Working with and within the guidelines of the HOA Board

The Social Steering Committee will act as an advisory committee to the Browne’s Ferry HOA Board. The committee will work together to:

  • Provide suggestions to the Board
  • Create standards, schedules, and plan for activities
  • Provide recommendations to the board for the direction of the community

It is the expectation that the Social Steering Committee with seek resources within the community to obtain our home owner’s needs, ideas, experiences, and community knowledge. The committee is comprised of Browne’s Ferry home owners. All members of the committee agree to attend scheduled meetings and maintain a consistent level of participation and clear communication. It is of the upmost importance that this group remains positive about the upcoming changes and exudes high energy in order to achieve our goals.

The primary function of the Social Steering Committee is to ensure that activities are planned and executed in a safe and inclusive matter to create and sustain a sense of community.

This committee will abide by the Browne’s Ferry Covenants and bylaws. Each committee, including the Social Committee will contain one board member as a part of its committee.

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