Assessment invoices posted this week

Annual assessment invoices were mailed this week. The $190 annual assessment per home is due at the end of January. There was a delay in sending these invoices due to the management transition. Every homeowner should also receive their official notification for the Annual Meeting, to be held on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017.

You may pay your assessments online. E-payments are assessed a $9.95 convenience fee by Cedar Management.

Pay Online Now

Questions? Email or call Cedar Management at (704) 644-8808.

Hucks Road Community Park slated to open in spring 2018

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation plans to start work on the new Hucks Road Community Park sometime in the winter of 2016, with plans to open the park to the public in spring 2018.

hucks-road-master-planThe park, which is located west of Croft Community School and across the street from the Clarks Creek Nature Preserve, includes plans for a 1-acre small dog park and a 1.5 acre large dog park with watering stations; a medium shelter with public art installation; two small shelters; a 4,000-square-foot sprayground, restrooms, 8 fenced pickle ball courts, an unfenced basketball court, meadows, skate park, play area with oodle swings, rope structure and balance/motion pieces and community gardens.

A community input meeting was held on Feb. 24 to discuss park amenities and options.

Download PDFs of the park master plan and site rendering of the central sprayground and shelters below:

Hucks Road Park Conceptual Master Plan (PDF)

Spray and Playground Rendering (PDF)

Signs your siding needs replacement

Many homes in Browne’s Ferry, especially those in “Browne’s Ferry I” at the front side of the neighborhood, were built in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, and sided with a compressed paperboard siding from Abitibi. A class-action lawsuit made small settlements available to owners of homes that used Abitibi, but the statute of limitations on payment is 25 years from the time of installation. For many Browne’s Ferry homeowners, this window has closed.

How can you tell if your hardboard siding needs to be replaced? Here are a few signs:

1. Water Damage

Water damage results from water infiltrating the paper cover on hardboard siding, which results in a rippled looking texture. This can often been seen where nails were used to secure the board to the wall, and at edges and joints. If you have water damage, you’ll need to replace those boards.

2. Animal Damage

Woodpeckers can easily drill holes into the siding, which then leaves the siding unprotected from rain and insects. If the hole is small enough, you can use an exterior wood putty then repaint to match your home color. If the damage is more extensive, you’ll need to replace the board.

3. Slipped Nail Holes

Damaged siding can create larger holes around the nails intended to secure the boards, which can cause the siding board itself to slide off the wall. Because the integrity of the board has been compromised, it is better to replace the board than attempt to repair it.

Replacement Options

Any exterior alterations will require approval from the Architectural Review Committee. Forms are available online.

Abitibi folded years ago and was bought out by Masonite. It is hard to find replacement siding boards that will match the style and lap of what is currently on many Browne’s Ferry homes. However painting professionals often have alternatives that will match the existing siding for spot repairs.

Hardiplank is a cement-based siding option that closely matches Masonite/Abitibi siding. It is available at home improvement stores, and can be painted to match your home’s exterior.

Some homeowners have also opted to replace their home’s siding with vinyl. Homes in “Browne’s Ferry II” (the interior of the community that was built slightly later than the front of the community) often have vinyl siding, and today’s vinyl siding options can closely match the look and feel of Masonite siding.

NextDoor is a great resource for finding contractors used by other Browne’s Ferry homeowners when replacing or repairing/repainting their siding:

Need community service hours for school?

If your child needs to earn community service hours, Browne’s Ferry has a variety of opportunities. Email or sign up online ( for specific events:

  • Street Cleanup, Saturday, Nov. 5 from 1-3 p.m. The city provides litter pickup tools and safety vests. Volunteers sign up for specific streets.
  • Fitness Station painting. We have the paint and supplies, we just need to paint the existing steel bars at the park. If you’re willing to take on this project, you can schedule it at your convenience and coordinate helpers.
  • November month of service: If you need physical assistance raking leaves or performing fall yard maintenance tasks, let us know and we’ll try to arrange a community service day or two that will allow volunteers to come out and help. If you’re interested in leading this service project, email
  • Event assistance: Help with setup and cleanup for community events. See for currently scheduled events.

Court renovation complete

The tennis court renovation project was completed in early September and is now available for Browne’s Ferry member use. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The court is for member use only. Guests may use the court as long as they are accompanied by a member.
  • No dogs are allowed on the court.
  • No glass is allowed on the court.
  • The keypad code is printed in the newsletter, and is updated every two months. If you cannot find your keypad code, please call Cedar Management.
  • Be sure to close the gate after you are done using the new amenity.

The tile surface can be used for riding bicycles, just take care not to damage the tennis net in the center of the court.

New tennis court to be complete in August

Our tennis court repair vendor is finishing up our court restoration project. Although originally intended to be unveiled at National Night Out on Aug. 2, the court opening was delayed due to production delays.

The new multisport court will be opened to all homeowners in August. Among the project outcomes, the chainlink fencing was replaced and two new basketball goals were installed within the enclosure. The court gate will have a keypad lock to ensure it is enjoyed by homeowners.

It is important to note that Browne’s Ferry Park is private property, common area owned by each and every homeowner. As such, it is not a public park. If there is ever a suspicious person at the park, please call 911. If they do not live in Browne’s Ferry, they are not entitled to use our park.


How do I find out the gate keypad access code?
The access code is reprogrammed every 2 months, and will be printed only in the printed newsletter, which is hand-delivered to every home in the community.

Can I share the code with friends?
No. The code is intended solely for the use of Browne’s Ferry Homeowners Association members and their guests while accompanied by association members. Sharing the code with others can result in a loss of privileges.

What other new rules are there?
Animals are never allowed on the court. This is a sanitary issue. Also, absolutely no glass is allowed. This is a safety issue.