Tennis court repair to begin in July

The volunteer board of directors unanimously approved the installation of VersaCourt multi-sport tile from the local vendor Ultimate Courts.

tile-largeWhy did this take so long to address?
The volunteer HOA board put the issue to a vote by homeowners over a year ago. The vendor quotes used to create those ballot options were not accurate. They estimated roughly $12,000 to resurface the court. After resurfacing won the vote, the volunteer board sought multiple quotes and discovered the cost was much higher. Wanting to be good financial stewards of the community’s funds, the board gathered new quotes (detailed below) and took time to carefully study what each entailed.

Why will it cost so much?
After making site visits, asphalt vendors consulted with volunteer board members and informed them that when the court was originally built, it barely met standards for tennis court thickness. Compound that with a 20-year asphalt lifespan and lack of maintenance, and the need for in-depth work increased the cost tremendously.

How much does our HOA have in reserves?
The HOA has approximately $70,000 in surplus funds, and some of it has been earmarked for future projects, such as playground mulch refills and other maintenance projects. Each year, the annual budget includes funds put aside for some of these projects. When originally put up for a vote, homeowners were informed that “a financially sound non-profit corporation is suggested to hold at least 6-12 months of its operating budget in reserves ($19,950-$39,900). With that in mind, the community could commit $29,854-$49,804 of its current reserves toward amenity updates.”

What will the new court include?
VersaCourt multi-sport tile is installed over the existing surface, and creates a porous surface that is extremely weather resistant. Water drains through the tiles and away from the court, and the tiles do not retain heat like asphalt. Because of the investment we will be making, the volunteer board approved the installation of two basketball goals and basketball court lines to be painted on the surface in addition to tennis court lines. This will give the community an additional amenity. The vendor will repaint the chainlink fence posts and install new chainlink fencing, as well as install a keypad lock on the court gate to limit use to homeowners and their guests.

Why can’t my dog go on the new court?
Once the new surface is installed, animals cannot be allowed in the court. The court was never intended to be a dog park. It is a liability to the community to allow dogs to go unleashed in the common areas. Also, because of the nature of the tile, animal waste presents hygienic issues to subsequent court users. Misuse (including use by animals) can also negate our product guarantee.

Where can I learn more about VersaCourt?
Visit for more information on the product itself, or visit to see work done by our local VersaCourt dealer.