Homeowner survey results: enforce rules, boost security

As Browne’s Ferry transitioned to Cedar Property Management, welcome letters were sent to every homeowner along with a homeowner survey. Of 210 homes, 42 homes completed and returned the survey.

What do you consider to be the most pressing issue?

Ranked in order of frequency:

  • Security/safety/crime prevention
  • Home maintenance issues/enforcing covenants
  • Common area beautification and upkeep
  • Rental homes / renters not upholding covenants
  • Street parking
  • Lilley home

What concerns do you want the board to address?

Top responses included:

  • Street parking / parking outside driveway
  • Rental homes
  • Covenant enforcement, specifically boats and trash cans
  • Lilley home
  • Basic home maintenance

Prioritizing topics

An average of rankings resulted in the following prioritization:

  1. Maintaining low dues
  2. Safety/crime prevention
  3. Home maintenance
  4. Landscaping/entrance appeal/flowers
  5. Efficient communication methods
  6. Social activities/events
  7. Greenway access
  8. Quarry access/enhancement