Greenway update: County considers right-of-way access

HOA President Jessica Norman met in late March with Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation officials who prioritize greenway projects.
Greenway officials told Norman that greenway projects are scored based primarily on land availability, and that the only parcel preventing the extension along the Clark’s Creek Tributary was the common area land parcel immediately behind Browne’s Ferry Park.
Norman discussed the possibility of granting right-of-way access to the county to build and maintain the greenway along the creekbed area (not the quarry), while the HOA retains ownership. Parks officials seemed quite amenable. They will develop a proposal that would eventually go to homeowners for a vote. No timeline was given, but funded greenway projects stretch years into the future.
In order to grant right-of-way access of common area, 2/3 of homes (140 of 210) would have to approve.