Browne’s Ferry represented at Neighborhood Leadership Awards banquet

Molly Hall represented Browne’s Ferry at the City of Charlotte’s annual Neighborhood Leadership Awards event on Sept. 19. Browne’s Ferry was nominated to win a leadership award. In addition to the leadership awards, many city leaders from various departments and elected positions were available for  networking and collaboration. Among the take-aways:

City Grant Opportunities

Hall met representatives from the city Parks & Recreation Department, and learned of potential grants for our old playground equipment repurpose. The city has a program to create “fit zones” with signage, a program for which we may be eligible to receive funds to complete the project.

Hall also talked briefly with Neighborhood Matching Grant representatives regarding our ineligibility to apply for many city grants.

Speed Humps

Hall also met with CDOT’s Chip Gallup regarding the speed hump(s) on Browne’s Ferry Road. He said CDOT wasn’t actively pursuing speed hump re-installation without Browne’s Ferry contacting them to get it back on their radar. See this post for more information.


Representatives from the Prosperity Village area voiced interest in collaborating to get future bond monies secured for the greenway extensions noted in both the county and area plans. Our park is considered high value due to its location and existing parking area. The board discussed at the September meeting how we need to proceed carefully to get greenway access at a good value yet not negatively affect our common areas or homeowners’ interests close to the park.