Board renews focus on community covenants

The Browne’s Ferry Board of Directors approved a broad enforcement of community covenants as part of its efforts to maintain a beautiful and valuable neighborhood.

A representative from William Douglas will document all homes not in compliance with our covenants (briefly detailed below) during the first week of July. Letters will be sent out at that time.

Every home is bound to the community covenants, which is a contract signed upon closing of a home sale. The covenants are permanently tied to the land (and thus to each home).

Because some violations may be incur a larger cost or time commitment to correct, the board approved a 6-month grace period to correct issues before violations are subject to hearings and possible fines.

If you believe a home to be in violation of community covenants, you can contact William Douglas Property Management. For some violations, you may also contact the City of Charlotte by calling 311.

Community Covenants (at a glance)

6.2 Approval of Plans and Architectural Committee. No construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration, roofing or addition to any structure, building, fence, wall, drive or walkway, or exterior color change, shall be commenced or maintained upon any Lot, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration therein be made after completion of construction of said dwelling, unless and until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, color, material and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography by the Committee.

6.3 Residential Use. All Lots shall be used for residential purposes only.

6.6 Walls, Fences and Hedges. No fence, hedge or wall of any type shall be erected or maintained on a Lot, except such fences, hedges or walls as may be installed, constructed or erected with the initial construction of the main dwelling located on said Lot, or as may later be approved by the Committee.

6.7 Use of Outbuildings and Similar Structures. No structure of a temporary nature shall be erected or allowed to remain on any Lot, and no trailer, shed, tent, garage, carport or any other structure of a similar nature shall be used as a residence either temporarily or permanently. No television satellite dishes shall be erected on any lot.

6.8 Animals and Pets. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, pastured or maintained on any Lot, except household pets which may be kept thereon in reasonable numbers as pets for the sole pleasure and use of the occupants, but not for any commercial use or purpose. Birds shall be confined in cages.

6.9 Signs. No advertising signs of any type shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain upon any Lot or Common Area with the exception of a single sign “For Rent” or “For Sale,” which sign shall not exceed 2 feet by 3 feet in dimension and shall refer only to the premises on which displayed, there being only one sign to a Lot.

6.10 Nuisances. No offensive or illegal activity shall be carried on upon any Lot, nor shall anything be done thereof which is or may become an annoyance or nuisance to any other Owner. No Lot shall be used in whole or in part for storage of rubbish of any character whatsoever, nor for the storage of any property or thing that will cause such Lot to appear in any unclean or untidy condition or that is unsightly; nor shall any substance, thing or material be kept upon any Lot that will emit a foul odor or that will cause any noise that will or might disturb the peace and quiet of the occupants of surrounding Lots. No trash, rubbish, stored materials, wrecked, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles, boats and/or trailers, recreational vehicles, television satellite dishes or similar unsightly items shall be allowed to remain on any Lot outside an enclosed structure. However, the foregoing shall not be construed to prohibit temporary deposits of trash, rubbish and other such debris for pick up by governmental and other similar garbage and trash removal service units.

6.11 Clotheslines, Garbage Cans, Etc. All clotheslines, garbage cans, lawnmowers and similar equipment shall be kept, in an enclosed structure or screened by adequate planting or fencing so as to conceal same from the view of neighboring Owner and Streets. Incinerators for garbage, trash or other refuse shall not be used nor permitted to be erected or placed on any Lot.

6.13.a Exterior maintenance, upkeep and repair to the main dwelling on each Lot, yard, fence, walkway and shrubbery shall be the sole responsibility and expense of the Owner of the Lot subject to the reasonable requirement as may from time to time be established by the Committee to insure the continuity and harmony of exterior design of Browne’s Ferry.

6.13.b   All Lots, together with the exterior of all improvements thereon, shall be maintained in a neat and attractive condition by their respective Owners. Such painting, repairing, replacing or caring for roofs, gutters, downspouts, building surfaces, trees, shrubs, walks or other exterior improvements.

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City of Charlotte Common Neighborhood Nuisance Violations

Rollout Containers (Trash Bins)

$50 FINE: Rollout containers must be placed at the curb no earlier than the day before the collection day and must be removed by midnight on collection day. They should not block the sidewalk. $25 FINE:  Rollout containers may not be stored in front of a home.

Yard Waste

$50 FINE: Yard waste should be placed at the curb prior to the day preceding collection day and in small, neat piles. Leaves must be placed in cans or untied bags. Limbs must be no longer than 5 feet and no larger than 4 inches in diameter. Tree trunks must be 4 inches in diameter or less.

Tall Weeds & Grass

$50 FINE: Failure to cut weeds or grass and overgrowth exceeding one foot on the average will result in a violation.

Bulky & Junk Items

$50 FINE: Eligible items must be scheduled for collection. Call 311 to schedule pickup. Items cannot be placed at curbside prior to scheduling. Bulky items can only be placed at the curbside prior to the day preceding the collection date.

Neglect of Property

$50 FINE: Neglect of property is causing or allowing unsightly litter, tall weeds and grass, yard waste, foul odor, dead animals, junk, unsecured appliances or potentially dangerous devices to remain on or emanate from the property.

Dilapidated Condition

$50 FINE: Property that is in a littered condition will result in a violation.

Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicle Towed: Vehicles will be in violation if they are on any public street or highway longer than seven days.

Parking on the Front Lawn

$25 FINE: Parking in the front yard or front and side yards of a corner lot is a code violation, except if the vehicle is on an improved driveway or parking pad.

Nuisance Animals

Animals that disturb the rights or threatens the safety of the general public, that live in unsanitary conditions, that damage others’ property or bark continuously or in an untimely fashion.

Call 311 or use the My-Charlotte app to report violations.