Park options vote pushed to March meeting

Because quorum requirements were not met at the Jan. 29 meeting, voting on the park amenity options will be pushed to the adjourned Annual Meeting on March 26. Quorum for the January meeting would have been a majority of homeowners (51% or 106 homes). The March meeting, as detailed in our Bylaws, only needs 40% (or 84 homes). Homeowners do not need to be present and can submit their park option vote by proxy. Information and additional forms will be mailed to each home in March.

If you submitted your ballot at the meeting or by proxy, you will not need to resubmit it. We currently have 35 votes of the 84 needed to meet quorum in March.

In the event we do not reach quorum in March, the Board will proceed with Option 1A, resurfacing the existing tennis court. This option does not require homeowner approval before proceeding.

Unofficial Results

Option 1A (resurfacing): 13

Option 1B (tile resurfacing): 8

Option 2 (removal): 14

Option 3 A & B (construction): 0