What’s up with those speed humps?

speedhumpBrowne’s Ferry Road’s rubber speed hump was destroyed in the January 2014 snow storm. A city snow plow hit the hump and destroyed most of it.

This summer the HOA Board contacted the city regarding its replacement. CDOT offered to replace the speed hump. Shortly before beginning the project, a homeowner requested a feasibility study be done into moving the speed hump’s location to the other side of the Brassy Creek intersection.

City crews took the call from the homeowner, and instead of doing a feasibility study, then sharing the information with the HOA and notifying affected homeowners, the city installed a new asphalt speed hump in the location suggested on the other side of Brassy Creek Road.

The HOA Board contacted the city regarding the error and CDOT admitted it had not followed proper protocol. CDOT then said it would be open to whatever solution the HOA Board offered. CDOT said it would prefer a second speed hump be installed rather than tearing out the hump.

Board members sought homeowner input through Facebook and Nextdoor. Other suggestions were greater police presence and a radar sign. CDOT gave two location options: one on Browne’s Ferry Road between Cornerstone and the Sugar Creek Road entrance, or between Cornerstone and Brassy Creek. The board approved a location and began notifying affected homeowners. Before all homeowners were notified, a city crew installed the second speed hump. CDOT came back a few days later and removed this hump due to improper installation (the hump was too tall).

The HOA Board has now notified all homeowners in the immediate vicinity, and CDOT plans to install the second hump in the spring as weather permits.