Report suspicious activity to police, board

In the past month an unknown suspect sawed off the regulator from our entrance sprinkler system. The landscapers told board members this is a common crime, and the equipment is often sold for scrap metal. Landscaping crews found the piece of equipment on the berm facing Sugar Creek Road and reinstalled it. Cheshunt was not so lucky. Thieves stole two of their regulators, which were not recovered.

Also at some point between Nov. 12-19, someone pried open the irrigation control unit and reset the system to water the entrance beds. This caused the sprinklers to turn on after the landscaping crew had turned them off for the winter. Water from the system froze to the sidewalk and plants during that 14° morning of Nov. 19. Landscaping crews have since shut off the system again, winterized the pipes and shut down the meter to ensure it cannot be turned on again.

If you see anyone lurking behind the entrance signs, please do not hesitate to call the police. You can also report suspicious activity to the board, but police involvement is the quickest way to ensure that our common area equipment and property are secure.