City rep to attend Sept. 25 meeting to discuss greenway plans

A board member contacted the City of Charlotte for clarification on the city’s greenway extension project mentioned in the Prosperity Hucks Area Plan. We have a commitment from Gwen Cook, the city’s  Greenway Planner, to attend the Sept. 25 board meeting and hold a question-and-answer session regarding the city’s plans and what options Browne’s Ferry has in regard to the greenway.Greenway Parcel

Background Information

The city intends to develop a greenway extension that runs from the current Clarks Creek Greenway (crossing over Saxonbury Way in Wellington) along the Clarks Creek tributary westward to Croft Community School and northward to the nature preserve on Hucks Road.

When completed, Browne’s Ferry could create a connection from Browne’s Ferry Park for easier access to the greenway and pedestrian access to Croft.

However the city cannot complete the greenway extension because it does not own or have rights to the parcel of land (shown above in the map) that is common area of Browne’s Ferry Homeowners Association. It is the large parcel with the quarry, shown north of Hunters Spring Drive.

At one point a representative from the city requested that Browne’s Ferry give the land to the city at no charge. Legal representation at the time responded that it would be practically impossible to get the homeowner response needed to give a common area at no cost. Someone suggested the city condemn all or part of the land and pay fair market value for it. Since then, communication with the city has ceased.

Jessica Norman attended a small group session regarding the Prosperity Village plans and asked a city planner in attendance about the greenway extension project. He mentioned that there may be a possibility for the city to rent the rights to the land without it changing ownership. These are all questions we will present to Gwen Cook on Sept. 25.